Maa Vaishnav Devi Dhaam

Maa Vaishno Devi Dhaam is a very beautiful Dhaam, located in Karondiya Village, it is 15 kms away from Katni on Panna road. Its best place for picnic and family outing


On the way to the Dham around 8 kms from Katni I noticed a board mentioning the begining of Panna Forest Resevre which is frequented by many wild animals. When I reached Sungarha I stopped at Hardua Mod at a shop and asked for a tea. I threw many questions to the pwople to gather some knowledge about the temple and its history. There I got to know that the temple was constructed 15 yrs back but this place has been considered divine from generations. I got Chunni and Prasad from there and parked my bike next to the shop. Mr. Kushwaha, a villager told that he was going to the temple and he would accompany me.

On the way he told me that a Panda gaurds the place 24X7. Also he told me that a festival is organised every year on 1st January and people from all villages assemble here making a huge crowed to show their faith in Maa Vaishnav.

From the main gate you will be walking through a nice pavement and climb around 200 steps to reach the temple. There is a Baba Bhairavnath Mandir behind Maa Vaishnav Devi Mandir. This area comes under Panna reserve and coincidently, while returing I spotted 2 nos. of beautiful dears crossing the road before me. It was near Madhur Warehouse, around 5 kms from Sungarha.

Maa Vaishnav Devi Dham is located in a complete green and clean hillock of Sungarha village in Panna road (SH-10) which is 15 kms away from maddening crowed of Katni town. This Dham is nicely fenced and no vehicles are allowed inside the gate. The forrest is natural but govt has also planted some trees to enhence its greenery making it a great picnic spot near Katni.

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  • maa-vaishnav-devi-dhaam-sungarha-in-panna
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